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Supercharge your organization’s productivity and patient engagement easily with the newly redesigned reporting console.


Our new and improved reporting feature allows you to take advantage of comprehensive and customizable data analytics and reporting.

Dashboard screen capture
View Messages Statuses icon

View Messages Statuses

Easily view the status of all messages and reminders that have been sent for each day.

Search for Patients icon

Search for Patients

Quickly search for any patient record directly from the main dashboard.

Search Provider and Locations Status icon

Search Provider and Locations Status

View the number of providers and locations that have messaging options enabled.


Advanced search functionality allows you to quickly access the data you need including specific patients, providers, locations, and appointments.

Search screen capture
Patient Search icon

Patient Search

Easily search for patients to view a breakdown of the messages and reminders that have been sent for each appointment.

Provider & Location Search icon

Provider & Location Search

Quickly search for providers and locations to view their information. Listen to or save a copy of their audio prompts.

Appointment Search icon

Appointment Search

Search for appointments for any date you choose. View the messages and reminders sent out for any appointment.


Keep track of daily appointment and message data by accessing and creating custom and convenient reports.

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Standard Reports icon

Standard Reports

Daily reports allow you to review all patients that have next day appointments as well as the messages and reminders that were sent for the previous day.

Build Your Own Reports icon

Build Your Own Reports

Easily build your own custom reports to view and analyze your patients, providers, and locations messages and reminder data.

Customize Your Reports icon

Customize Your Reports

Customize any existing standard or new report. Save, edit, copy, and export any report you choose. Schedule reports to run daily, weekly, or monthly.

Advanced Analytics

Gain further insight by accessing analytics features for modality breakdown, appointment results, and trends.

Advanced Analytics screen capture
Modality Analysis icon

Modality Analysis

Compare response rates for each of your different outreach methods.

Appointment Results icon

Appointment Results

Track the outcomes of your messages, reminders, and metrics including contact status, response status, and attendance status.

Trends icon


Further drill down into your data to analyze performance over time, including patient trends and response rates for specific age groups, appointment types, and locations.


Easily manage and modify functions including user roles, profiles, and patient preferences.

Manage screen capture
User Profile icon

User Profile

Assign a profile you wish your users to hold. Choose from four different levels of user profile roles.

Role Available Permissions icon

Role Available Permissions

Assign permissions for all of your users, including tasks that can be performed and access to data.

Patient Preferences icon

Patient Preferences

Manage patients’ contact preferences including their requests on how they want to receive messages and reminders.

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