By Cristina Dafonte | Jun. 07, 2017

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Today’s world is one of instant gratification: consumers have all the apps, information, and communication methods that they need right at their fingertips. Smartphones have revolutionized consumer-to-consumer communication with text messaging, apps like Facebook and Snapchat, and instant access to anyone in their phonebook or on the Internet.

More consumers have come to expect this type of communication with brands and organizations, and consumer-to-business communication has had to grow, adapt, and change to stay relevant. And healthcare is no exception.

  • Consumers want instant access to their favorite products.
  • Patients want instant access to their healthcare provider.
  • Consumers look for an email telling them that their favorite shirt is back in stock.
  • Patients look for an email reminding them to schedule their preventative care appointment.

Two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone, meaning they have access to email, voice, and text at their fingertips. This has changed the nature of patient-provider communication. Patients now expect an interactive experience with their healthcare provider. They look for an appointment reminder, a simple way to schedule an appointment online, and notes about preventative health.

By engaging with patients on their terms, healthcare practices will build greater patient loyalty, encouraging patients to attend, return, and remain in the health system.

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Author: Cristina Dafonte

Cristina is a Marketing Associate at Stericycle Communication Solutions. She currently supports our automated patient communication tool, but has experience with both telephone answering services and online self-scheduling. She graduated from Vanderbilt University and resides in Nashville, TN, but dreams of someday living near the beach.

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