By Stericycle Staff | Mar. 18, 2015

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As a specialty contractor and business owner, you understand the need for exceptional customer service. Customer service is the foundation of any successful business and is often the difference between winning or losing business to your competitors. The multiple hats that you must wear when you’re trying to manage sales, marketing, production and service often mean that getting to the phone when it’s ringing can be difficult. Further, it can be downright unprofitable when your time is better spent providing your services. Engaging a virtual receptionist can help you cost-effectively meet the high service standards that customers expect, resulting in more new business and more recurring business.

We’ve listed the top five ways that engaging a virtual receptionist can help you increase profitability:

1. A Virtual Receptionist ensures that no call goes unanswered

The cost of missing a phone call is incalculable. Customers that walk away from your service because they couldn’t reach you are unlikely to try again, and they may end up at the doorstep of a competitor. A customer experience agent who answers calls with a live voice can offer basic information, schedule an appointment or even complete a sale.

2. Good help is hard to find (and expensive to train)

When you’re considering the costs of hiring a new member for your team, wages are only the tip of the iceberg. The real costs of an employee are far more complicated. Wading through applicants for the perfect employee, conducting interviews, training, re-training and managing performance are expensive. Using a virtual receptionist means you can avoid those costs. You’re worth the most to your business when you’re doing what you do best.

3. Enable employees to focus on what they do best

If you’re worth the most when you’re doing what you do best, doesn’t it also make sense for everyone who works for you? If you’ve taken the time to recruit and hire top quality people, their time should be focused on delivering your core services—not being interrupted between tasks to answer the phone. Since focus improves efficiency, your team’s productivity will increase while your customers and prospects are well-tended by a virtual receptionist.

4. Don’t reinvent the wheel – pay the pros

If you’re looking at hiring new staff to handle customer phone calls, emails and other interactions, it’s important to consider equipment and infrastructure. Establishing an in-house customer service department can be expensive to implement and equally as expensive to maintain. Engaging a virtual receptionist to take on this role lets you spend your money where you need to.

5. Great service is great for the bottom line

Great customer service is the foundation of a profitable business. Companies that focus on customer service are far more likely to succeed than those that focus solely on products, sales and marketing.

By investing in a virtual receptionist, you’ll increase your customers’ satisfaction, ensuring that they come back to you again and again. Professionally trained, highly experienced agents decrease customer service frustrations, provide multilingual service, eliminate the need for your customers to leave voicemail messages and more—resulting in more leads and new customers, return purchases and increased share of your current customers’ wallets. These work together to further increase your sales—all key answers to how to increase revenue.

You owe it to yourself to explore every option when it comes to growing your business, and by speaking to a specialist today, you’ll see why providing top-of-the-line customer service through a virtual receptionist can make all the difference for your business.


Author: Stericycle Staff

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