By Stericycle Staff | May. 26, 2015

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“Patient experience” is a huge buzzword in healthcare today, with many regulations and efforts focused on improving the experiences patients have before, during and after their care—so much so that 70% of executives recently reported improving patient satisfaction was a top priority for their facilities.

Especially important in a radiology department, the patient experience must be front-and-center as you’re working to bring in new patients and new revenue. In order to gain new patients, they (as well as their referring physicians) need to know that they’ll have a great experience, getting the top-notch care they need in a place they feel comfortable and cared for.

Your patients’ experiences are indelibly shaped by your patient communication strategy – your means of ensuring patients have a smooth entry into your department and understand their care. Having a strategy in place helps to entice patients to show up for their appointments, encourages referring physicians to send their patients to your organization and creates a loyal patient base – all of which protect your bottom line.

There are a few easy ways you can get started on building your patient communication strategy today. One method is to set up a timeline for your communication prior to a patient’s appointment to make sure they attend and have what they need. This might include:

  • 5 days ahead.  Send the patient an email reminding them of their appointment, including when it is and where to go.
  • 3 days ahead.  Call the patient with a personalized, voice-recorded message reminding them of their appointment and making sure their questions are answered. From there, their confirmation of attendance is recorded in your scheduling system.
  • Day of the appointment. Send the patient a quick courtesy text message a few hours before the scheduled appointment.

These quick communications yield many results, including less anxious patients, maximized staff efficiency, significant no-show reduction and improved revenue—in some cases, up to $1,000,000 annually!

Interested in learning how standardizing your scheduling process can help your radiology department communicate with your patients and improve their overall experience?

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Author: Stericycle Staff

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