By Stericycle Staff | May. 05, 2015

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Many industries are realizing the advantages of using a call center to manage their day-to-day operations; in particular, call centers’ telephone answering services are especially helpful for oil and gas companies. Oil and gas is a fast-paced, highly-regulated industry that requires attention to detail and sound safety considerations, and a call center has the experience and tools necessary to manage communications in a number of areas. Here are three telephone answering services a call center can handle to help oil and gas companies achieve success.

1: Handling Work-alone Situations

Many positions in the oil and gas industry are considered “work-alone” situations. These positions necessitate that the employee checks in at regular intervals to ensure their safety and the safety of the products and materials they are working with. A call center is an ideal solution for this particular need. Work-alone check-ins can require objective, fact-based decision-making. When companies keep this service in-house, there is the chance that people will make judgment calls in relation to whether or not a situation requires escalation. In the event of an emergency, their relationship with these individuals may lead to impaired decisions. However, a call center is able to remain professional and react appropriately in any situation. Call center staff will always act exactly as procedure demands, ensuring your team is in good hands.

2: Providing Emergency Response

Any emergency requires swift and decisive action, and this is especially true in the oil and gas industry. With so many people involved in producing, handling and transporting potentially hazardous materials, the need for fast, efficient emergency response is magnified. If and when a situation requires the response of an emergency professional, it is important to have a system in place that makes sure people are kept safe and that the entire process is properly documented. A call center ensures that when the call is made for emergency assistance, that call is answered. Emergencies don’t always happen on weekdays between the hours of 9am and 5pm. As such, it’s necessary to ensure that the team that handles these interactions is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call centers can ensure that whether it’s a weekday, weekend or holiday, or whether it’s mid-morning or middle of the night, a live person will pick up the call and know exactly what to do. This means adhering to strict operational procedures as well as maintaining documentation for training and analysis purposes.

3: Excellence in Customer Service, No Matter the Time of Day

Many businesses struggle with how to provide high quality service outside regular business hours. Whether it’s in relation to sales, support or emergency response, companies are recognizing that people do not adhere to hours of operations, whether due to their own schedule or due to emergency. As such, businesses often find it difficult to manage after-hours telephone answering services. The overhead involved in hiring, training and managing a team to handle your after-hours communications needs can be staggering—and even then, it’s difficult to provide quality service without overstaffing to account for higher than expected call volumes. A call center can help manage these obstacles by providing dedicated staff whenever you need. Call centers have the tools and training to ensure that no matter what your business needs, a solution can be found. Acting as an extension of your company’s brand and vision, call center operators can provide the excellence in customer service that you’ve come to expect from your own employees at a fraction of the cost of an in-house team.

The oil and gas industry can benefit from the professionalism and convenience of a call center in so many ways. Speak to a specialist today and see if your company would benefit from partnering with us.




Author: Stericycle Staff

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