By Stericycle Staff | Apr. 29, 2015

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Running a business is an incredible amount of work. These long hours can put tremendous strain on your personal life and your relationships, but there are ways to negate these obstacles. One of those ways is by relying on a call center as an after hours answering service. Here are 3 ways that a call center can help specialty contractors regain work-life balance.

1: Reclaiming Your Nights and Weekends

One of the things that many people don’t understand about running your own business is that your day doesn’t end when you leave the office, park the van or finish your last call. Many specialty contractors spend as much time working at home as they do at work. Returning emails and phone calls that come in after your normal work day has ended is not an uncommon task. A call center can help alleviate this stress by giving you your nights and weekends back. Not worrying that you’ll miss something important lets you enjoy your time away from work.

2: Closing The Sale With The Help of a Call Center

Generating interest in your business and the services it provides is incredibly important, but converting a simple inquiry into a client is the key to success for any specialty contractor. When someone takes the time to contact you and inquire about your services, this is a great opportunity to book an appointment or sell your product. A call center can answer questions or concerns, take orders and generate invoices or shipments while you’re having dinner, spending time with your family or even sleeping. In today’s market, people want what they want, when they want it, and you never want to miss out on a sale because your schedule didn’t match up with a potential client’s.

3: Keeping Costs Down Through Outsourcing Answering Services

Keeping things in house is the goal of many business owners. It’s often difficult to delegate work because you know exactly what you want and how you want it. As such, many businesses look to hire someone internally to take on answering services and email response; however, this can be a tremendous cost both financially and in terms of time. Finding the right candidate, training them to do the job and managing their progress is something that large businesses have whole teams dedicated to. In addition, salary and infrastructure can be very costly. A call center has already dedicated its time to finding the right people and have invested in the right tools for the job. Partnering with a call center provides you with the peace of mind of knowing that skilled professionals are dealing with your customers in the precise manner that you’ve described. This means that you get to do YOUR job during normal hours, and relax when you should be relaxing.

An after hours answering service provides you with exceptional value financially and allows you to regain control of your schedule. Wearing too many hats can take a huge toll on your mental, physical and financial health, so request a demo today and let us help you get your free time back.




Author: Stericycle Staff

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