Specialty Contractors

Stericycle Communication Solutions supports a wide range of residential and commercial specialty contractors working in the HVAC, plumbing and electrical trades. Contractors turn to us to stop potential customers from shopping for service by ensuring that every call is answered with a live voice around the clock. It’s impossible to be two places at once—we take the burden of routine customer communication off of contractors during the work day so they can focus on the work that they do best.

Benefits of our Solutions:

  • Live voice attention for customers after hours—not voicemail
  • Work-life balance for contractors after hours
  • Undivided customer attention during service calls
  • Escalation of emergency calls to on-call staffs 24/7 maximizes revenue

Questions To Ask Before Choosing An Answering Service Provider

We have published a guide to asking the right questions when selecting an answering services partner.

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Maximizing Your Answering Service Experience

Read this white paper and learn how to maximize your answering service experience.

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Stericycle Communication Solutions Helps Generate Additional $5.4 Million In Revenue For HVAC Company Gold Medal Service